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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Illustrative encounters

I've been busy creating new illustration work. I love doing fictional stories and operas and plays. I really would love to do some projects with publishers for book covers, or for theater. I did a series quite a few years ago for Center Stage in Baltimore and loved doing it. But I feel like my style has matured and evolved and I would even love to recreate those. It's fun and challenging to try to create something on a single page that captures an essence of a whole book or play, or even a news article or report.. It also challenges me to read things I might not have without the assignment.

I really like illustration. it is such a different mind set than sitting down and just creating a painting at one's inner whim. There are elements of creating 'what you feel' that come through in any illustration job, but the task at hand has boundaries, but boundaries that must be pushed by the illustrator to create their best work. So, open call to art directors: Bring me a play! Bring me a novel! A short story! I will give you my best thought and inner process I'm capable of.