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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More from the french fairy

In which the older artist sends a message to the young artist in France...

I received some wonderful pictures of Mlle. Thelma, my french chartreuse. Read about my introduction to Thelma here, but for those of you who follow my world, you know and love Thelma already. Mais oui!

What I love about these pictures is they show the rapture and intensity of the child, and I identify with this - not only because I was a child, but because I carry that intensity with me to this day. The expression on Thelma's face could just as well be mine at age 50. The inner being is there before birth and after we die. Hang on to it while you walk the earth. Or while you stumble the earth.

When I was about 9 years old, I got it into my head that I was much too mature to have my 'young' art around and told my mother I wanted to rid the house of it. She resisted, and walked off thinking she had made her point. Being the stubbornly in dependant imp I was, I snuck up to the third floor attic where I knew my 'portfolio' of kindergarten drawings were. I ripped them all to shreds. I do not remember anything traumatic happening before that day that might have caused this, and I remember feeling no remorse over the private attic shredding extravaganza. My mother was crushed.

It was not until years later I regretted it. I can only say it was an honest action. But I wish now I had them. I vividly remember painting a piece in kindergarten. I had painted a thick 3" or so black stripe on the left margin of the paper. The teacher asked me what it was, and I told her "it was night time coming".

So, this is an open plea to my Thelma: "Ma petite fille, s'il vous plait, do not shred thy art. And if you have a moment of wanting to purge, you can send it to me for safe keeping, until you have walked the earth for awhile. Once your feet have some miles on them, you will welcome having them back in your possession, like old friends."


Sandra Monat said...

always opens my heart to see children creating freely and yet magnificent "uneducated". Cute Thelma!

Anonymous said...

Cherish that Thelma! Just a French note: always use the 'tu' form with a child (animals too)--s'il te plaît....

Debbie Schramer said...

How wonderful!!! Have you seen the movie "My Kid Could Paint That"!! It's really great. The little girl is such an incredible artist! She also has a very unique website that shows a lot of her paintings. I love children's art too! They are the true artists!/I also wanted to tell you Katherine, that we have two movies available about our Treehouse and little furniture! Thought you'd like to know. You can read all about them on my blog!!/ I love your blog; I go there every morning!!!

Linda O'Neill said...

What great photos...that first one is just the best. How wonderful to be so excited about art at such a young age.

un instinct de bonheur said...

She discovered "matches" a few days ago and is dying to have some fun with them - her work would make an enormous bonfire!
I promise to keep her work under lock and key.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Bonjour Thelma! Thelma is on holiday, at the sea. Her mother sent a picture esterday of "the butterlfies" Thelma found in the sand - shells fanned out like wings.

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