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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Gifts from afar

One of the greatest parts of pie day was we had two out of town guests, one from Kentucky, and one from NYC. Cathy and I became friends about a year ago when she bought some art and helped donate to raffles for the spay/neuter of the Apifera Farm ferels. She is an avid cat lover, and lives with very refined, college educated city cats on the west side of Manhattan [the best side]...[OK now that I've hurt the east side - I lived on both sides so I think I can say that].

From the minute Cathy and Dan stepped their feet -or in Dan's case, his fennel tendrils - onto our farm, it was like being in a remake of Big Chill, only we had never met. Yes, that's right I invited complete unknowns into my haven. But Cathy and I have communicated so much, and we never had one second of doubt. I new Dan's art and loved it. Like me, he has very sensitive fairy like genes, and communes with creatures.

Well, it was a hoot! It was fun, it was funny, it was inspirational. It was helpful, it was over way too soon. On Friday nite, Martyn made lamb kabobs, and Cathy had brought some of her delicious Romesco sauce. We drank wine and we sat under the stars. We talked, Dan played my guitar, we just had so much comraderie.

I am not even doing their visit justice. It was just one of those weekends you have, and it goes down in your mind as one of the best. We desrved it. We work so hard here, all the time. It was cool to be with like minded, funny, inspired people - crazy enough to get on a plane and fly to a donkey/pie party in the middle of nowhere. And they didn't even know Pino!

When they left, I missed them. The energy had to adjust. But I feel completely confidant saying, we have formed a life long friendship.


Cathy said...

Heh. My friends said, "What? You're spending the weekend on a remote farm with people you MET ON THE INTERNET?!?"

For those who haven't had the pleasure, Katherine is even more delightful in person, and Martyn is a total sweetie (who also cooks and does the dishes). We loved every moment of our visit and didn't want to leave.

Apifera Farm said...

We are risk takers! And I forgot to mentiont hey arrived with a double layer tupperware of brownies - and mollasses cookies...

Cathy said...

Bribery with sweets is a good way to charm and disarm potential axe murderers.

I do hope you're going to post photos of the elusive Fennel Fairy.

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