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Saturday, July 12, 2008

New creatures seeking love

I've posted many new raggedy creatures on my Etsy shop. These little lavender stuffed beings need good homes, with a stable environments.


Cathy said...

Maggots, ewwwww. Definitely the dark side of farm life.

I'm glad Ward is healing, and thrilled that PT Barnum is back! I hope he stays a while.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm. i just had the best time cruisin your blog with my 4 year old friend Eli. we went to your Etsy shop and kept yelling out, "OH! i want that one!" for every doll. i was going to say my favorites are mother donkey and Country Cat with City Roots but i can't cause i love so many! oh, Eli and i also went thru your blog and declared we're going to get miniature donkeys and they'll be best friends! xo

Amy Cameron Evans said...

i love them ALL! but mostly, i love lucia! she arrived yesterday, and i cannot begin to ever thank you enough. i mean she came holding a fresh berry pie, for goodness sakes! katherine, you're swell. xo from mississippi, amy

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Hi Eli! Hi AMy! Hi Cathy! Eli, it's good to know someone of your important age wisdom can have fun looking at my rag dolls....Thanks for inviting him in, Jenny. And lucky Amy, she has her own baby donkey doll to hold now...and Cathy alread has a raggedy cat doll to keep her cats company in NYC...

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