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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New year, new tail, new pup

This photograph from one of my morning romps with Huck inspired a new short story over on the Tails blog.

It's also somewhat of a bittersweet photo, for it marks a passage for me and Huck. This weekend we will pick up his new brother, an 8 week old chocolate lab out of the same breeding. Now, we are excited and Huck will be thrilled to have a live playmate, since the One Eyed Pug is in his senior twilight years and prefers his 12 hour naps.

But I've so loved my daily existence with Huck at my side. It will now change. But change always brings new experience and challenges and growth. New ways to solve a problem, new ways to look at things. New lambs. New work. New love. New hope. New ways to look at old memories. New moments of bliss that become memories.

I hope you all relish in the remaining moments of this year, and see hope in the coming one. I promise to keep sharing things that inspire me, and the things I learn as I somtimes fumble along this road.

Thanks to everyone who read my meanderings.


Mare said...

Happy New Year Katherine!

Sharon Stanley said...

Apifera was one of 2009's blessings...happy 2010!

Zan Asha said...

Katherine, you are too much!

I've loved every story I've read here since discovering this precious blog!

May you and the farm-boy and the enchanted animals have a blessed New Year! And many thanks for the entertaining wonderful stories!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Katherine. I look forward to more tales and tails of Apifera in 2010.

Editor52 said...

Hope in 2010. Can't think of a better wish. Happy New Year, Katherine!

JoyceAnn said...

Happy New Year to You and all the farm critters , Hope it's a Blessed Year for you too.

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