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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Pig pile naps

You can see the typical activity here of one day old piglets-napping, and lots of it. But already as day two approaches, they are exploring a bit more, their land legs are less wobbly after floating in Mama for 3 and a half months. I'm afraid I'm already in love with the little runt male. He is the least flashy in color, no polk-a-dots, and tiny as a mouse, but I'm pulling for him. He is the black one in the photo below who climbed on board the pig pile.

And many have double wattles. This is a good thing. Although I can't quite tell you why yet. I have heard differing opinions on this, one being that pure bred KuneKunes are usually double wattled if wattled. Eleanor has one wattle and is 99.9% full Kune, so combined with Earnest's 7/8 pure bred Kune genes, I guess that's where they came from. I will do more digging on this.

Eleanor is doing very well.

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Anonymous said...

A whole bundle of spotted, well almost, spotted love xox

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