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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Walter pondering piglets

You're definitely not lambs. I know that,  thought Walter.

The piglets are two weeks old and are starting to romp and play more. Soon I'll move them down to the lower paddocks. This will be fun and challenging as little piglets-no matter how well prepared you are with fencing-get their heads into the tiniest holes. I think I'm pretty prepared after the last piglets, but we shall see.

We have some beautiful gilts in this bunch. My little runt boy is catching up. I've been tendering them all as much as I can a few times a day. The runt really seems to love being held. I hold them up high, so their heads rest on my shoulder, and their bodies lay down on my chest, just like when they lie in a pig row.

At the end of the day, after chores, I usually have about an hour until Martyn gets home around 7:30, and I love to be in my barn with the animals, just hanging out, no words, no deadlines, just listening to them chew, snore, swat flies and slurp water.