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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sweet Old Victor

You know, I'm posting several things today on the blog. So much happens here on a daily basis that I might have days where I do multiple posts. I started this blog to share my stories of the animals and farm, and one post a day doesn't always do that. Besides, I'm beginning the new book in my head and it is a good thing for me to start writing short spurts.

Our dear Old Victor. He is perhaps the most challenged. I am guarded about him going into winter this year now that he is not using his front leg. The shoulder is not pooed as it might look on first glance. Since he has never had proper alignment or the ability to put all his weight on his hind end due to his condition from birth, it will only get worse for his front end. I watch him very closely for signs that he is simply running out of 'desire', and so far, I haven't seen it.

Victor has other issues too. When rescued by New Moon Farm, he and Sophie were so matted they couldn't find his penis. He was skeletal thin, and has put on weight but is still worse off than Sophie who is really looking pretty good.

What a sweet soul he is though. Not a quitter, that's for sure. Since I put him in the Lower Misfit Village, he seems to zoom around more, probably due to the softer surface. He is a very good and happy eater, which is a blessing for me.

I will keep our covenant to him-to watch for his time.