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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Every Troll yearns to accessorize

As mentioned in a previous post, with a move comes self exploration and a jolt of inspiration to make changes in one's life. When The Head Troll went to town last week, that was a surprise in and of itself to many of you, I'm sure. But I can understand what is going on here.

For twelve years, she was on top of every detail in the old barnyard-presidential elections, deaths and births, world and farm events, Halloween traditions in the pumpkin patch, Christmas Garland extravaganzas...and let's not forget her attempt to have a Summer Stock play.

But I think the move opened something up in The Head Troll, a space just for her. Just as a friend of Apifera noticed that our new Apifera seems 'softer', perhaps too The Head Troll has softened somewhat. While never a bully, she certainly had a head mistress-no nonsense personality.

So when The Head Troll came back from her village outing with a hand bag clutch, embroidered with her initials, I didn't question it. Nobody in the barn snickered either. Like seeing an old school marm dressed up out on the town, I suppose seeing her with a feminine handbag could have brought teasing amongst the Misfits. But it didn't. I think they too accept that she is seeking out somethings in her life that might have been missing....like accessories.

I'm dying to sneak a peak inside her handbag, but that would be wrong on so many levels.

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Terra said...

I mis-read her handbag initials as "HI" which is of course rather friendly, in keeping with her new nature. Now I see it says "HT" which also makes sense.

lishofmann said...

Oh, Head Troll! Such an inspiration! And yes ... what IS in the bag? The mystery inspires me, for sure xo

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