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Friday, June 24, 2016

New work..The Wood is certainly calling

I have done three pieces this week, my first here in Maine. The wood, or forest really, is a strong pull for me right now. I doubt it will go away, that pull. Of our 30 acres, about 25 is in forest, maybe less. Supposedly there are paths, more like old car
roads, in the center somewhere. I have not found them. Today I ventured out to make trails, hoping that eventually me and Boone will ride there.

I had to stop because I got too far in and Martyn had followed me. I was following the field stone property line [all the property lines are field stone walls, very common here]. I knew I could get a bit confused but I just kept feeling a voice,

Come this way, it's over here...

But I turned back when I heard Martyn who had followed me, out of worry. I will not go in alone again without my phone, and we will mark our trails. I guess it was foolish, but I hadn't planned to go that far, I was enticed to keep going.

I will tell you something. The wood itself is comforting - I do not feel any danger or evil in it, at least at this point of my relationship with Her. But I do sense something about some of the properties on the outskirts. We had a discussion with one of these people on our first week here, by chance at a local store, and it made us very uncomfortable. I won't go into it here and I think it will be okay in time. But that was not the property that spooked me today, in fact that property is way on the other end, a long ways off really. There is another place that of late has made me feel edgy-a place to avoid, and probably just ignore, but as I was in the woods, I did feel I was okay in amongst the trees as long as I didn't head close to that property.

All of these pieces are on the shop. I will have them at the Thursday 6/30 art walk unless they should sell.