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Thursday, June 16, 2016

The house that glows

From the first time I saw our Maine house in the online photos, I felt quiet, and warm, and accepted. This house is a welcoming house, it is not boisterous. It is calmer than I am at any given time. At certain times of day, it has a glow. It has stood since 1776 and has weathered storms of both nature and man. But somehow through all that it has remained calm.

At least, that is how I resonate with her, and I know that the few people who have had the good favor to come inside have said this too. Even when we walked into her empty, she was that mother we all cherish and want and need no matter how old or bold we are.

Today I put up some art. It pleased me and I realized it also made me feel more sturdy on my feet. I had planned to do some art today, but I am a nester, and I need to prep my nest, not only for the animals, but for my husband, and me. I like the house so much that I wasn't really rushing to decorate, or unpack boxes. I plan to paint the front room - not seen here- as it is a New England red on the wood work, that I like, but I don't like red next to green. I want my greens, my olive tones, all around me. It will be cool in summer and warm in winter. Since I plan to paint that front room, I haven't completely unpacked the book boxes, and I got lazy thinking I'd wait to hang art until the painting is done. This is the first house I've lived in where I didn't feel like I had to repaint everything. The buff walls are dirty and worn, and should be painted in time I guess, but I kind of like them that way.

The bottom photo is the view from our bed, an intimate glimpse, I know, but it is so pleasing to me. I have trees out both windows and you can hear the wind and birds. The small room seen at the top photo is a sweet center room of the house, with a small dining table. We found an old table for $45 yesterday and when we got home we gathered the four old chairs we had brought with us-chairs that came from Martyn's childhood and his mother had purchased from antique stores. Martyn came to me later and said he had had a moment with the dining room, because

"...it was like the chairs had been waiting all these years to live here."

We sit in the front room at night and can look into this room, and the fire. I truly love it.

As I put up the art today and brought out old favorite items, I felt really calm, and quiet...and...I felt just like me. I am feeling like me.

I shall paint soon.


Palma said...

I have a matching winged donkey. Do we both love it more than most things? Yes.

Lisa Hofmann said...

I love seeing your artwork hanging up ... family portraits to remind you loved ones are always with you, with us. So glad you kept the White Dog painting. Love seeing it all come together in such a mindful and loving way! xo

sharon stanley said...

so new england-y! and your wall art looks like it's been there since....1776.

Terra Hangen said...

Your house has a sweet calm welcome for you and everything you add to it, especially your paintings, will suit it well.

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