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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

After the Spring Wind

"After the Spring Wind" now available
I was doing my usual barn chores yesterday, after my morning walk with Muddy, thinking about The Wind here. It was very windy, and about 38 degrees, so chilly, but nice. Spring chill is much different than autumn chill. The temperature of the ground is still cold in spring so it can be biting, but then you also get hints of spring smells, like the ocean. And the sounds of spring are emerging.

I came back inside after chores still thinking about The Wind. I've said before, it is different here than in Oregon because it comes of the coast, and The Wood is situated differently here. I was inspired to paint the feeling I had that day of The Wind...I did all sorts of squiggles and abstract blasts of color, and ended up painting over all of them, ending up at the end of the day with this piece.

In some way, I thought I had failed the initial inspiration-to paint what The Wind felt like that day to me. But, I realized when I titled this piece, "After the Spring Wind" that it accomplished what it was meant to. The calm the in between The Wind gusts, even if for seconds, is what I feel in this piece. The little bits of spring are emerging too.