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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sir Tripod Goat talks to an old friend

Around here, some creatures are invisible, but they become friends through their essence, their feel, their smell...

"Where have you been?" the old goat said.

"Away," said his friend.

"I wanted you back sooner," said the goat. "I needed you, you help me."

"I tried, but I couldn't get here as soon as I'd planned," said the friend.

"Well, you aren't leaving soon, are you?" asked the goat.

"I hope not, but I might get pushed around, I'll do my best to stay," said the friend.

"Well, I feel you, in my bones, it feels so good, it helps," said the old goat.

Just then, the little young sprite, Opie, came leaping over Sir Tripod and did a back flip right before he landed.

"It's SPRING!!!" Opie squealed.

"Kids," said the old goat.