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Friday, March 23, 2018

To Facebook or Not to Facebook...mostly not

I have made some changes on Facebook. I am not going to post on my public profile anymore. Facebook is many things to many people-we all use it for different reasons. I never went on Facebook years ago to socialize per se, I went on to promote my work as an artist/writer, my blog and to share my animal work. Years later, I have reached a simple truth- the energy and creative output I was putting into entertaining people [at least I saw it that way] with short snippets/wisdoms/ponderings and art/photos was becoming a drain to my creativity, and the rewards were decreasing.

I always read my three online papers before I go to Facebook in the morning. I never got so absorbed by it that I lived my life on it for hours and hours. But, I found myself checking it too much, simply out of almost a manic curiosity. Kind of like checking CNN too many times a day in the world of chaos in the current administration. And the two were feeding off each other. I also was seeing more and more anger, as many have noted on Facebook, but I was also just seeing a lot of ramping up of discourse. People don't read an article, they react to the headline and then a food fight starts. I also experienced one to many misunderstandings with real life friends, do to the Facebook system. If you don't 'like' someone's post, or notice them daily on Facebook, some people can take offense to this, or get hurt [I have experienced both sides of this to be honest]. I also had someone I really valued as a friend unfriend me, but says she didn't, even though it appears her mate unfriended me too. I have no reason not to believe her, but they thought I unfriended them, which I didn't. It has left a strange cast over our once fun friendship. In real life, this would not have happened.

I just am tired of it all. It's not a real world there.

Rather than delete the profile account, I am opting to not post there. This allows me to leave up the Apifera Farm business page-where I will still post animal snippets/updates and photos. I feel it is still necessary to have a presence on Facebook with the business page, until an alternative is out there.

I feel like I've been dancing as fast as I can on Facebook, entertaining, humoring and giving really solid content on a daily basis. Who reaped the reward for that? Facebook did. Sure, I saw some good from it-some sales, help with the animals at times, and it was kind of fun at times for me too. Social media is mainly free, and there is a price for that, for those of us generating the content. I am not down on anyone who is loving Facebook-I have had some fun times there, but...I am more of an intimate dinner gathering person, versus a large cocktail party person. Big parties are a drain, everyone is shouting over the music.

I've been able to be back in touch with people from college and high school that probably never would have happened without Facebook. I love seeing people's babies and pets. I love the stupid laughing baby videos-but those are also probably data mining us all. But I began to wonder what those relationships were. If I now don't post regularly on my profile, my name will escape the algorithm hierarchy, meaning nobody will see my name. How many of the people that freely commented over the years, will stay in touch by email, or come to the blog? I doubt too many.

But then there are the quiet ones, the lurkers, people you never knew were following along and suddenly they come forward and introduce themselves. I hope to meet some of them.

All in all, I am all over the place and am easy to find online. I'm on Instagram everyday to post photos since I love my photography. But I get on it , and off, in minutes [and yes, I know FB owns Instagram]. Facebook-we all know-is a time magnet that spirals like a spinning top and leaves us creatives with less time to...be quiet with oneself and write, think, ponder, percolate...and create.

I value my time. I value my stories, wit, humor and art. I'm not going anywhere. I'm just not going to keep tap dancing on Facebook. I think the one thing I hear, repeatedly, that upsets me the most is:

"I don't like to leave Facebook to read blog links, it's too hard, I like everything to be on Facebook."

To me, that is a really limiting way to live. I understand the convenience. But, you can't click a link? Takes a nano second. You can't have FB open in one browser, and click on a link to read in another? OK, then those are people that just don't value my work enough to come here. So long. There are many places I visit on a daily basis, I choose to visit them and read them.

Another thing I heard when I posted I would not have a presence on the profile page anymore was also curious:

"I love your posts, I will so very much missing hearing about Earnest, and the animal photos."

I guess they don't love them enough to click an outside link.

In the light of the data breach on Facebook, I know many are questioning if they should stay, or go. I am not leaving the profile posting behind strictly because of the data breach. I never played any of the quizzes or games, knowing they were simply tools for advertisers to get my info. Data mining occurs all the time, and it has even before the internet [you go the hardware store and buy batteries and a week later a battery ad lands in your mailbox]. I'm not leaving because of that. But the lack of leadership in the last data breach, the dishonesty and carelessness of management, and the fact that data breach was feeding info to an administration I loathe, well, it was the tipping point I think.

But mainly, I am putting a plug in the energy drain that FB has become.


kat scanlan said...

I know a few artists who have no friends on facebook, and have all of their interactions on their public artist pages, and have done it that way for years. It works well for their businesses.
I, myself, have made some really good friends on fb over the last few years, most of whom I would never have met, and I might not ever see them in person, as they are literally flung across the globe. For that capability on fb, I am truly grateful.
It's interesting that people won't click a link to come to the blog. I personally have always loved being able to subscribe to blog posts so that I get an email when a new one is up. You still have to click a link, most times, however, the reminder helps me know to do so.
I am glad we'll still get to see the daily chews and the lovely beasts and people they meet. Love to you and all your extended family of Apifera. xx

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I think many of us have met some nice contacts, I think I said that too, so I agree. If I knew what I know now, I never would have had a profile public page, I would have had it only to start a business page. Many are in that same boat, started with a profile page, then started a business page, then they have two pages and each has a pro and con...we'll see how it goes. Some are already asking me to simply post the blog links in the profile page when I post a new blog post. I' guess i can do that.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

then again, if I do that, it's the same old thing, people comment there, not here, or they only read the headline. think I'll stick to plan a for now.

Carol said...

I totally understand. Totally get it. I am doing the exact same thing-- leaving the profile just not posting anything. Life is short and I would much rather click that link and come directly to you. Oh and I am one of those lurkers you mentioned.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Yay! A lurker! Hi Carol, thanks for popping up.

Evi said...

Totally understand your decision. Will look forward to continue seeing your blogpost links as they pop up.

kerin rose said...

i imagine I am a semi lurker, he he!...I did exactly what you are talking about...deleted all friends on personal page ( made me sad, just as there are a few folks I miss, as they are not on insta) so I could keep the biz page...then I share from insta onto the biz page when I can remember...I too, will miss some of the old friends who found me here, but on the other hand, if its just noise and not a real reconnection, then it really only holds a little bit more weight than all the other stuff...good luck with this!...completely understand!

Anonymous said...

I love it. It rings so true. It's addiction. Argh. I'm contemplating cutting off the tap dancing. You've enlightened me. By the way, it's Mandy Russell. I've followed you here. Yaaay, I clicked the link!!!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Yay! Mandy clicked, Mandy clicked! Thank you Mandy!

C.M. Mayo said...

Dear Katherine, I myself deactivated my FB a couple of years ago and have never, not once, not even for a nano-second, regretted it. I do not need FB to follow your blog regularly and, as a big fan of your art and writing and lavender, to buy what I can when I can-- I love your "Waiting for Spring"!

As a writer myself, I have concluded that, in large part, my readers are not on FB-- they are too addicted to scrolling through all sorts of whatever, whatever as determined by FB's ever-changing and self-serving algorthims; to read my books and essays requires sustained focus and an interest in the subject matter-- what I write is not for everybody, yet, lo and behold, the world keeps on turning. Yes, when I left FB I got comments such as "I will miss you" and all I could think was, for heavensakes! I have a blog, a webpage, a newsletter, and a public email. The translation of such comments, in my mind is, "I really do not care about you or your work enough to lift a finger," and my internal response to that is "alright then."

For me it makes a lot more sense to face the bald fact that FB is intentionally addicting (ick), and put my efforts on my work and on reaching out to the people who actually do care about it (that is to say, they like it beyond just clicking "likes" in the FB moshpit-- or, I suspect, doing so simply in the hope that I would reciprocate).

My goodness gracious, keeping up with email and my favorite blogs is more than enough of a challenge already.

Kind regards and good wishes from your fan,
C.M. Mayo

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Oh Madame Pug Mother, you, have-hit-the-nail-precisely-on-the head. I concur with every sentiment. In fact, perhaps my biggest lament [or irritation] is the phrase, "I only read on FB, it is too hard to go to other links." And I think, wow, the' strange way to go through life letting FB and their algorithms feed you...so be it. I also realized when I looked at some of the comments, that many of the people lamenting my leaving [and I only left the profile for heaven;s sake, I left the business page up for now.] were not people that really supported my writing/art/non profit. Not that I expect everyone to 'pay' me by being a product or donation, but most of those readers were randomly and in some cases, manically, slicking news feed titles. How many times has a face booker written or posted an article by another, and the comments all react to only the headline, as they have not read the article. SO I agree, the people will seek out your work, if they want, and I came to that conclusion a long time ago. I still wold like to simply delete the entire FB, and the profile, but I feel I need to keep the business page up for the non profit-for now...we shall see. Thank you for your important thoughts as one who is making a living as a writer, it is good to read. Which reminds me, many of the people I know on FB, don't I've life as a self employed person, so I respect the varied ways business people are dealing with FB, either leaving or trying to tweak it and experiment with what is right for them.

Lin said...

I found your blog through another blogger who raved about you, so you show up in my blogger feed. Makes it easy to see new posts. I use FB only to keep up with remote family...but the FB feed has changed and all I see is things that don't interest me. Not sure where it is going, but it was nice for keeping up with long distance family and friends.

C.M. Mayo said...

Dear Katherine,

I understand that other people make the choices that are best for them, and I cannot know what is right for others. I mean no disrepect to those reading here in the comments section who use FB.

That said, knowing what I know now, I myself would have created a FB business listing for my business, a small press, considering the FB page akin to a yellow pages listing, and otherwise walked away. Quickly. I recognize now that my time would have been so much better spent keeping up with email and other correspondence, as well as bookeeping, and the many other necessary tasks to keep things running smoothly. It's not just a question of la-la-la, making art. And there are only so many hours in the day.

Ah but FB was shiny-new back then, quite fascinating. I delved into and certainly I did learn a lot-- if not what I expected to learn. Ha, someone said to me the other day, "learning from experience is what you get right after you needed it."

Kind regards,

C.M. Mayo

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I don't think anyone will take your comments as put-downs, I don't. I know many who use it for family and such, I just never thought of it as social-more of a brand builder [even though I did have some real friends there I enjoyed seeing their kids and pets]. I always said to people-keep up your blogs, keep your blog as your hub, business wise, not FB, and I think I've done that, my newsletter list isn't huge...but it is an engaged audience. We just keep on learning-and adjusting to what is thrown our way!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

So glad that another blog raved about me! Peter than the opposite, right? Glad you are here, Lin, thank you for reading along.

Anonymous said...

Deb here, I got off Facebook four years ago and have never looked back. Its funny how those still there were angry about it. I think it has a low vibration compared with Instagram - my 2c. I think you will enjoy being off there .

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Hi Deb [not sure which Deb you are, but hello. Thanks for stopping in. I know what you mean. Reminds me of when we left Maine, many were miffed, perhaps hurt we were abandoning them in their minds. We weren't, we were moving. I think maybe FB is like that, "DOn't leave, I will miss you, why are you going?" It's not personal.

Linda said...

Yikes! I guess I am a 'lurker'. I have always followed your blog, and will continue to do so. Love the work you do...

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Lurkers are just fine...not everyone wants to comment. So lurk on!

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