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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

I was minding my own business....

You know the routine, I was minding my own business, intently working in the office when an email popped in asking me if I might be able to take in a chicken. She had been found wandering the road and a good Samaritan was giving her food for a few days when they finally could trap her. She clearly had been wounded in the head area. They took her home and she was living in a crate and they named her Hazel.

So sure, I took her on. She is a lovely lady, a Barred Rock just like some of our flock and she is quite tame. I held her last night and told her I wondered if somewhere out there is a little girl or boy who lost their pet chicken? She had wounds on her head, which the samaritans doctored. Hard to know what got her, maybe a young coon that couldn't finish the job, who knows.

She is acclimating to her new environs. I put her in the private care unit in Henneth and Opie's area, where she could be by the hen hut, but safe. Well, Little Big Man went wild, stomping and strutting his 1# little man body. Good grief. The next day, I tried letting the door stay open and let Henneth wander in. Fight. Henneth started it but since she is blind I can understand but I was sort of surprised.

So the next day, I let Hazel out with The Goose and Henneth where she was in a fenced area pretty much with trees to hide in and this is where Henneth and The Goose wander. It gave her more room and Henneth was less threatened. I think it will be fine. To be honest, I'm hoping she and Henneth get friendly, then again Henneth has a pretty good life and doesn't have to deal with Little Big Man. I think my rooster days are over once he is gone. I just want my girls to be in peace. Since they don't free range anymore, there really isn't a need for a roo. Out West, we never really had rooster issues, and I loved my roos. Its just a different set up here. If somebody came along who loved Seabrights, I'd rehome him but until that might happen he is my responsibility.

The Goose keeping track of the new arrival