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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Harry...and his magnificent haircut arrives

Harry journeys from mountains to ocean, complete with prayer flags

On Tuesday I was up at 3:30 to do chores. We were on the road at 4:45 AM headed to the Berkshires, a 6+ hour drive. I told Martyn we were not going to do any 12+ hour round trips anymore to pick up animals...but...it was Harry, he was worth it. And, we got to see the Berkshires, and the leaves had started turning. We also got to meet Harry's owners and see their beautiful place [which by the way has a sweet little Air B&B where you can enjoy the area, but have llamas outside your window].

I had so many memories flashing though me as I drove the old familiar highways I knew from my time in college back in the late '70's. Seeing the road signs that could send me up to the Saratoga area where I spent some summers at school, or small towns in New York and Vermont of college friends...it got me to thinking of memories of long ago-like driving to Canton for freshman year with my parents, and we stopped at the old village historical site, that was jogged in my brain when I saw the road sign. And the mountains. I miss the mountains. I am very happy in Maine, I love the ocean, but...I have to say the mountains have always been kindred. The ocean is more like my inner womb I swam in as a pre-human. The mountains feel like a protecting wisdom all around me.

When I first saw Harry, he was standing next to another male herd mate. He was even more beautiful in person. He is very calm and loaded right up even though he'd never trailed. He rode in the trailer for 7 hours back to Maine, with the prayer flags hanging above him that followers sent for our 6 day journey from Oregon to Maine three years ago. I never took them down and it was nice to know they still send prayers for our travels.

It was dark enough when we got home that I opted to leave Harry in the trailer for the night. He was lying down when I went in to sit with him for a spell [llamas couch/lie down when they travel]. He has a very sweet expression. He listened intently. The time between picking an animal up-when they leave their home-and the arrival is always the most unsettling for me. I want the animal to know it will be ok, and I know Harry felt this. When we loaded him, his former owner took time to say his final goodbyes in the trailer...it was sweet. I truly believe that even though Harry knew this was different, the intention of his former owner was clear to him, and my intention was also clear to him.

The next morning, I brought Harry out. It reminded me of my favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz, as Dorothy opens the door and the b/w scenes turn to color. Llamas are naturally curious, and Harry had so much to see. He had lived in the same place his whole life, so this was a big day for him. I was pleased the The Goose didn't harass him-The Goose is protective of me and when new people come in, he usually runs to them [although he has never down this with elders, which I think is so intuitive]. He heard familiar sounds of donkeys and chickens, but he'd probably never seen pigs so that was pretty new for him.

When we go to the outer barn, I let him nose Arlo, but opted to put him in a stall where he could meet everyone though the fence-sheep, horse, donkeys, ponies, White Dog...and Luna and Lucy were introduced to him too, but he will not share a fence with them for obvious reasons. I did chores and decided to see how he did, and let him out to be with the docks and Boone. My animals know llamas, and there was no drama. I thought there would be more drama between Arlo and Harry at the fence line since they are both intact [which will change come spring] but there really wasn't.

For now, I'm letting him stay with the equines, he seems content. And I can still work with Arlo and keep him more focused on me in training...I will let them in together soon to see what happens, but all indications are it will be fine. Arlo is very content now I think, he has his little Misfit herd of ponies and White Dog at night...and me.

So, welcome, Harry. It will be much fun to see how you settle...will you like therapy sessions? We'll find out. No pressure, Harry. And maybe your purpose is to smile at us....who dos that remind you of?

Harry enters Apifera for the first time

Harry smiles...who does that remind you of?