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Sunday, September 29, 2019

I'm scattered...bare with me...Uno shows me the way

One week and it is our main annual event Misfit Love Day [Saturday October 5th, 11-3]. I am officially entering the all systems go and too many ideas and thoughts in my head stage of the pre-week-event. So bare with me if my posts are off until then...I am now torturing myself daily by watching weather forecast [which looks good at this point] and making lists and leaving the lists in various parts of the house which causes me to rewrite the lists. It's just the way I do it, it always seems to work out.

This year we have a very different mix of Misfits from last year. We have the two older llamas who are shier and more reserved and I have gone back and forth on how to arrange my paddocks for the day. The goats and donkeys will once again be out mingling with the people, the guests love that. Hopefully Ollie won't be too enthusiastic with love, as he is much taller now but he loves people. Earnest will be addressing guests from his private hut. Uno and the pigs will be in the paddock so people can meet them-with The Goose, which should be interesting. I could not have Goose out wandering, I know he'd be concerned with strangers coming and going and he'd try to protect me and everyone living creature. And the ponies will be with White Dog. I hate having to stall Marcella away, it really makes me sad-she is such a part of my daily life and we are a team, but she is too territorial which is her job and it would be hard on her, and me, and also could lead to problems-it would be her job to protect. So she has a place int he barn she is used to going, and sleeps there too and it will be fine. I have figured out a way to let Harry and Arlo partake in a way that won't give them too much stress. I want Harry to be part of the event, but he is still new here and I am not going to overwhelm the poor chap. I'll let you see how it works out with photos after the event.

I have some other things up my sleeve I'm trying this year.

Martyn said to me this afternoon as he saw me staring out into the field, "I can see the wheels turning."

So, I try to work hard and fast each day, and then take a cue from Uno, when it is time to go to bed, go to bed.

I hope I see some of you at the event. If you can't make it, please feel free to send us a donation if you like what we are doing for animal and human.