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Friday, January 16, 2009

Big Eared Dress Rehearsal

In which the stunning event mentioned in the last post is revealed to my readers. Proceed with an open mind, or don't go in at all....I had no idea Angustifolia played guitar, and certainly not at this level. We could hear the variety of hooves and feet stomping to the beat, and amazingly, even little chicken feet resonated.

Visit Tails & Tales, the short story site of artist/Katherine Dunn to read this story.


Claire MW said...

Ah Katherine, you filled me with such delight when I read this. I know, undoubtedly, that the very same thing is going on at my farm. I just have not caught them in the act. Truly an honor for you to have been a witness to such magic.

farmlady said...

Thank you Katherine,
I have seen on of our goats dancing in the moonlight. There's is a secret world that few humans get to see. We are the lucky ones.

Cathy said...

HA! Except for the UFOs, my guess was spot on, wasn't it?

This is such fun to read. Maybe Mack and Lucy celebrate Big Eared Day... I wonder if they'd admit it to me?

Cathy said...

I do think it would be fitting for one of the Apifera animals to attend the inauguration, as a show of solidarity. Which one would you send, Katherine?

leh113 said...

Sooo wonderful & soooo magical...more, please!!!
And thank you.

deedledumpling said...

Simply Magical!!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Yes, you farm women know I am not so nuts...maybe. In answer to Cathy's question, well, it seems the best choice would be, of course, Pino. He is after all a lot like the Big Eared One, kind, compassionate, quiet but smart...and of course, he does have the big ears...But since they discouraged babies from attending, it seems they too discouraged donkeys from attending. Ironic, yes?

Some might wonder, but where are Stella and Iris, and Paco. Well, Paco did not feel a need to go to the dress rehearsal, but he is in charge of lighting, and put up the lights before hand. Stella and Iris, well, that is a whol 'nother post, which I will get to. They are fine, not to worry, but they are in the 'foot recovery area". Details later.

Balou said...

I adore your fastidious 4 leggeds. What a great party they must throw. What a fabulous illustration!

coloredsock said...

and i can't believe pino beat martyn to asking you for a dance! the things men can learn from donkeys!!

Sandra Monat said...

absolutely wonderful, magical and I´m sure such secret events happen very often at Apifera Farm

mansuetude said...

that top image i thought it was a quilt, its so lovely... great wonderful all of it.

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