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Monday, January 19, 2009

Boone & Angelo at your service

Today we were called as a nation of people to reach out and serve. Hopefully, the people that served today will be inspired to do more service, in their own style, within their own individual communities throught out the year.

So I called my friend Annie and said, "Boone and I are doing litter pick-up on the bridge", and she met me there with Angelo [Pino's father] at her side. Angelo and Annie picked up litter for the 1 mile walk to the bridge, and Boone and I picked up litter for the mile from our farm. We met in the middle, and shared graham crackers and soaked up sun.

We did this last season with Angelo and Lucia, but I think Boone did great. He needs a job, and since he used to be a cow horse, I think he felt good carrying his sack of litter, and having a purpose. And I'm glad when I can use those old feed sacks for something.

We are all glowing in the aftermath of the wonderful DC concert on Sunday, and I don't know about you, but I always tear up when I sing 'This Land is Your Land". We spent the early morning listening to the full Martin Luther King speech of 1965 and the juxtaposition of that with Tuesday's events, it's just a good feeling.

Paco is safely home, and I have promised the barnyard that I will get a TV rigged up out there for them.


Claire MW said...

Dear Boone & Angelo,

What a wonderful thing you did today. We send you our congratulations. So far, we are a bit too nervous to be led around on a lead. It's a matter of getting used to it, and we like Claire, but we don't know her really well yet, and we came from a bad place, so we are nervous.

Please ask Paco to provide a detailed report on all that he saw on his travels, as we are most anxious to have his report. We will spread the word among the donkeys of Iowa.

Many thanks and nose rubs,
Springfield & Willow

JoyceV said...

Boy I teared up with that song too. Imagine Pete Seeger, 89 and going strong. You could tell he was so thrilled to be there. It was so moving. I'm gonna be waking up bright and early with my coffee in bed watching this piece of history. I can still remember Kennedy's.

Kathy said...

What a cute picture.

coloredsock said...

hmmm, next time i go on a litter pick-up walk down el rito road--that is after the snow reveals the ground again--maybe Oso could carry the sacks?! not sure what he'll think, but he does carry his own food/treats when we backpack. i'll let you know how it goes. yes, today is a GOOD day! feels like a new beginning and so much energy to support the intentions. makes me so much happier about bringing a new life into the world now. xo

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