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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We are all caregivers in our own ways, but many take on much more than others, and maggie davis[maggie does not capitilze her name, just an fyi] is one. She is a writer in Maine and has written a wonderful book,"Caring in Remembered Ways" and I encourage anyone who is acting as a caregiver to read it. I found the book very helpful while my father was in hospice - I couldn't be with him, but somehow reading the many stories in this book helped me. This is the kind of book that will resonate with mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, seniors, grandchildren, teachers, nurses, or hospice workers - in other words, everyone. I do not use any of my blogs as vehicles for standard advertising, but I do like to pass on gems like this book. And the price is right.

Recently, I had this lovely note from maggie: :
"i've been wanting to tell you what a huge effect i know you are having on the world. these influences cannot be measured. i can barely explain how i feel when i'm at your site. not only is it beautiful and welcoming. when i'm there i've feel i've come home--home with a capital H, the kind of place most people long for.
let me search for words: a true fairyland, and within reach--a noble place--sanctuary--Light--color--real--haven--colors of life. i have been shown again and again that anything we do with love and mindfulness wings it effects throughout the planet and into the galaxies. it's only logical. if only "big footprints" were important than a hero one day would be "nothing" the next were s/he in an accident and confined to bed, unable to "perform." if only "big footprints" were important, a child alone and abused, bereft of kindness, but mustering heart to pat his dog, lovingly and mindfully, would be nothing. this can't be! from our first to last breath we are a gift; we are potential for good, however we choose to manifest that power and the good we are has effect we will never know completely."