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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cat guarding young tree

As the picture shows, Miss Prarie Pussytoes takes one of her many farm jobs seriously. I swear she has saved this tree from many a goat bite.

I was thinking today as I did barn chores, and watched Tomentosa roll around in the compost area, entertaining himself and honing his prehistoric hunting skills, how nice it is all these cats are able to live without the confines of a shelter, aren't living near a road, and are free from having the burden of litters. I've loved each and every one as the unique individuals they are. Their personalities have come out over the years, as they grow to accept their place in the pecking order, and understand they are safe, and have food and shelter.

I am revving myself up to neuter Samuelle Noel, the newest stray, such a beauty, so gentle, so appreciative of touch and being held. I think it will be pretty easy to get him in a crate. I do have this anxiety that once neutered, he will disappear, as Phinias T. Barnum did. This is somewhat irrational, but I have bonded now with Samuelle, and don't want to see him go. I took this blurry picture of him, I'm thinking he might be of Big Tony's line.

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