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Friday, January 02, 2009

Ode to Mose

It was an honor to complete this commission of Mose Augustus, a beautiful chocolate lab who passed away this past year after a good, long life. Mose was very special indeed, and his owners really took his passing hard.

When I'm getting ready to start a private pet portrait, I usually let the owners' stories of the animal swirl around in my head and settle. With this piece, I had been thinking of the right focus for the piece, and as I was out doing barn chores one day, words came into my head with such clarity, that I really knew it was Mose, pushing me on. I really felt compelled to go into my studio that day and do the piece, which I did. I felt him all along. He had a very strong energy. He loved to sneak into the nearby corn fields and snag a few cobs. I think he wanted his grieving owners to understand this, he was right there...After they opened the art, one of the owners left me a message, and with tears laced in her voice, she said, "I just never knew he's been right over there in the corn all this time....".


Balou said...

It's just beautiful. A touching memorial.

Kathy said...

What a sweet story.


Claire MW said...

Oh, how this makes me cry...

It makes me wonder, where is Rosie now? A friend told me that she has a very strong spirit and that she is trying to tell me that I did what I was supposed to do, and that she is happy. She said if I sat still and meditated upon her, I would feel her wing brush me or her beak touch my leg. Alas, I cannot reach her.

coloredsock said...

what a beautiful piece, Katherine. and it's such great inspiration and thoughts for me since i have a similar commission to do. i appreciate reading the process!

hope you are well! xoj

Cathy said...

Beautiful story, beautiful memorial.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Thanks everyone. This piece just poured out of me. I always work very intensly, but when I worked on this one, it was so intense.

Claire- I know you're still dealing with all those losses this past week- and I do think some connections with animals, or people, are more 'earth' connections, and then there are others that are more energetic. I mean [these are my beliefs, not necessarily anyone elses here], I think all relationships have a spiritaul level, but some of our ties with people,or animals, go very deep in the past realms, and the future. There aren't a lot of those I think. I know the owner of Mose was sad that Mose hadn't really come to her either, and she thought why did he come to me? But I think it was just a wisdom he has, and we don't always understand that wisdom. I bet you will have connections with Rosie, but it's like a watched pot, it comes when you are busy pursuing what your lifes work is. I'm not a big meditator though, so take my opinions as such.I feel for you though! Just yesterday I came on pictures of Ward the rooster, made me feel sad.

Various and Sunday said...

Oh, the tears are a'flowin'. I lost a dear, dear cat, Oreo, it will be two years this June, and I struggle with knowing he's "there" waiting, or really "hear" with me. It's been the hardest loss of my life. But your painting and story makes me fell better, even if I am drenched in tears.

mansuetude said...

i think too you might just be open to things that others might not have the quiet to hear... a beautiful monument.

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