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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Five day old heartbreaker

I haven't had a real day off in...can't remember, so after working in the studio all morning, I took some time for myself. I had an open invitation to head up the road a couple miles and visit with Pino's [and Lucia's] new baby brother.He was born on Father's Day, which also happened to be Pino's Pie Party, so I like to think that somehow it was a thumbs up to Pino.

This little fellow doesn't have a name yet, and he is full of peas and vinegar, let me tell you. At this age you can pick them up and carry them around and hold them in your lap. They make mini donkey sounds and their hair is still soft. I always tell people they are like giant bunnies at this stage. As you can see, he has a wonderful home to get life started in, with views of the range and old growth Oaks to shade himself with.

The weather was perfect. About 78 and breezy. Not a sound about except the occasional truck. I like to hang out with Angelo too, Pino's father. Pino has so much of his old dad in him, personality wise, and heart. Angelo is lonely, since he can't be in with the girls. I sat with him and made him a raggedy daisy necklace. I sang some songs to him. When it got too warm, he and I went and sat in his outdoor shade hut, with views of the mountains and hills. The wind kept us cool, I rubbed under his eyes and he took a stand-up-nap.

I remembered days when I was very little and I'd hang out for hours in my natural sumac forts. I felt like that same creature, just in a different setting and time.

Thank you, Angelo. The pleasure of your company made my day off quite perfect.