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Monday, June 08, 2009

Mlle. Lettuce

The lettuce this season is the best we've done in five years. The red leaf and mescalin outdid itself, as did the work horse arugula, and, drum role....I even managed to grow beds of decent spinach.

Every so often plants take on such a presence that one must stop and talk to them, name them, converse, and thank them...right before eating them. If one is to contemplate eating animals, I feel, you also must contemplate the living organism of a plant.

Favorite Apifera lunch of the past two weeks: Grind 1/2 package of thawed shelled edamame beans in blender, with a dash of quality soy sauce, one Tablespoon of tahini, 1/3 cup of plain yogurt. Take a sheet of Nori [seaweed], and spread a small amount on Nori, and place fresh lettuce over it, roll the Nori. No plate needed. Can eat while riding a horse.


DellaRae said...

Your lettuce looks wonderful. You are right, if you have ever eaten fresh picked lettuce, you never want if from the store again.

Kathy said...

Oh yes, I bought a bag of mixed greens at our Saturday market the other day and it was terrific.

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