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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

News flash: Old man Guinnias reposes with Frankie!

Forgive the blurry picture, but I took this from my studio, about 1000 feet from the site now before you. After 6+ months of being here, Old man Guinnias lay down and napped with Frankie. While this morning tea party may not seem like a big deal, it is a nice sight,as it has never happened before. The two also do their centurion [goat owners will know what I mean]goat dance when it's time to eat dinner and they see me at the gate.

I also wanted to share a note I just had from Guinnias rescue farm, New Moon Farm up in Washington, where we rescued Guinnias from [with much help from many of you - kisses]. I send Ellen pictures of Guin every now and then, and we were sharing how tough the economy is not only on the arts, but on animals at shelters. People are doing more dumping of animals, or neglect on their own farms. Here is what Ellen is working on at her rescue. She did not ask me to post this, but if you want to write her and send a small tithing, feel free. I can vouch she is the real deal and does so many good things for critters that no one else wants. My print sales have been zilch, so I can't donate as I want at this time [and let's all say this mantra- "Things will get better, things will get better"]. So if you donate, just tell her Guinnias sent you.

"This is usually the time of year when I adopt lots of kids out, but don't get many in. This year they are arriving faster than I can find homes. There are 42 goats looking for homes as of today. 8 more goats and 2 sheep coming in later this week. Whew. Last week I brought in 15 goats this week via an animal control seizure - emaciated, covered in lice, severe hoof rot - the works. And most of them are pregnant. 4 of them had to be carried to the trailer because they couldn't walk. 6 others were on their knees. After a good trim, some antibiotics and a few days of clean ground and good food, they are already doing much better. Just makes me so mad. All the guy will get is a slap on the wrist and a fine, and he'll go out and buy more goats."