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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mother and daughter in cahoots with donkey

One of our biggest fans and supporters in many of of our causes, both animal and art related, has come through again to help our Pie Day cause. And this time, she has her seamstress extraordinaire mother in on it!

We received an unusually heavy package in the post. The mail woman and I were perplexed, "Wow, these are either really heavy aprons, or Pino's getting small appliances now!" I laughed.

Well, inside was a delight for donkey ownin' eyes and heart. Firstly, the aprons made by mother Ruth are just charming - and she attached these cute little pins to them. The fabrics are farm animals and puppies and dogs, each neatly pressed. I guess Ruth loves to sew, and loves to share her sewing, and LOVES even more that she gets to go to the post office and explain she is sending aprons to a donkey...

Maybe this is my real gift in life, to give people these simple delights?

Then, as if aprons weren't enough, COOKIES!!!!!!!!!! Lots of COOKIES!!!!!!!
Loyal readers know Pino and gang love little Teddies and animal crackers, and they make easy treats [and not sugar overload].

A huge jar of animal crackers, boxes and bags of them too, and Teddies...well, I did rush out and share them. Ok I had a few myself. So did Guinnias and Frankie. Just the other day I was thinking I really had to find a huge bulk amount of cookies for Pie Day since they are easier to serve for little fingers...

Thank you, Elida, and Ruth. We are charmed by your support, just as you have shown you are charmed by a little donkey.

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