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Sunday, June 21, 2009

People from afar came...

We had people from as far away as Turkey. Pretty cool. One woman came and she had come from Seattle with friends. She pulled out her blackberry and showed me the large canvas she had bought of mine, from Sundace. That was cool. Thank you,Lindy!

What's so nice is we get all ages to Pie Day, and I have not met one yet who wasn't nice. And they leave even happier and nicer after pie and donks and farm. Seriously. I usually ask - "Do you feel even better after the pie?" and the response is always, "Of course!".

In all seriousness, when I looked through the pictures from the day, I also know that the energy of Apifera Farm comes not only from the land that needed tending and now is being tended so is exuding it's good energy outward to all - but it also comes from the energy, time and love Martyn and I have for each other, and the farm and it's animals. This place is hard work 24/7. It's a money pit too. It's sometimes hard to stand up and pat yourself on the back, but we've come a long way out here, still have a long way to go - but these Pie Days are thank you's to the life we live.