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Monday, June 22, 2009

Post pie picture plethora coming

I have so much pie, and so much love, filling me up that I have to come down to earth again. I have so many wonderful pictures to share, thanks to the fact this year a friend [thank you Kathy F.!] agreed to take pictures, and she did such a great job. It allowed me to focus on the donks and people...and need I say, the ongoing parade of the sweetest little beings who came to hug Pino. I have many sweet stories too, I just have to let it sink in a little. So many good things about the day...so stay tuned, later today through the week I'll post Pie Plethora Pics until you can't stand them anymore. There are many people to thank too... for starters my right hand helpers the Cathy-Livvie-Becca-Natalie team proved invaluable.

And I'd like to formally apologize to the universe for taunting the skies all Saturday and Sunday morning, as I worried about rain. The weather report was ALL wrong, and the skies became blue over Apifera precisely at 11ish for the Pie Party.

Until later...


Flassie's Fil'a said...

I emailed the Weather Man, Andy Carson and asked him to cancel the rain, for Pino Pie Day.

I thank him for any attempt to stop the rain. I ask him if there was a Sun Dance he could do,
in place of a Rain Dance. lol!
I wondered if it is anything like
the chicken dance?lol!

He probably prayed that it didn't rain. I heard him mention he was at an event this weekend also.

I pray when I want to go for a walk and it is raining, I ask God to stop the rain so I can and he does every time.

He helps me find things that
I am looking for too, if I
stop and ask for help. No
need to get upset just pray.

God Blessed Your Pino's Pie Day!

Looking forward to seeing the photos of the Pino Event!

turquoise cro said...

O! To BE that lil gal on Pino Pie Day!!! I WISH I could have been there rubbing my hands on all the donkey's coats of fur!!!and stealing a kiss and hugs for all the critters! Walking out to a lil grassy spot alone a minute with a piece of pie and just watching all the festivities! I can't wait to seeeee all the pics!

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