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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Five year old steals Pino's heart

Pino is 4 years old, so he looks up to five year olds. He understands them too knowing they hold a unique perspective on important things in life, like the sun, and aprons....and cookies.

A package full of mother and daughter goodness arrived today. A very large package of animal crackers, an apron my Miss Emma, and another one by her mother Angela. Now I need to take formal mannequin shots of all the aprons and will post them later, so for now, I just have to describe Angela's. It's so wonderful, made out of old dish towels, very worn but handmade. Love it. And then Miss Emma got the sewing buzz too and whipped up this little one-of-a-kind apron, complete with little fabric pieces sewn on in her very Emma abstract vision. I see donkeys.By the way, it's sized perfectly for a baby donkey, or a five year old. You can see Emma modeling it on her very own blog.

And of course, as an artist, it's rewarding and inspiring to see see the art of the uncluttered, non-ego'd, non-jaded mind of a five year old. Emma likes suns, and squares. She also wrote a very short story, which I think is succinct, but heart felt.

So, thank you, Emma and Angela - we are so happy you joined in, and I know these will be a hit.