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Monday, May 19, 2014

Voguing with a Moose...and Goose

If you follow the blog, you might be thinking,

"Haven't I seen this exact photo of Moose before?

Well, no. But kind of.

Little moose has loved the camera since day one. He seems to work the lens like any really natural model, and without a lot of drama or arrogance. Little Moose is the farthest thing from arrogant.

I never tire of seeing this same pose though, and that imp of a smile. What a character he is, born on my birthday, the same year my mom died. He was a gift to myself to make me happy, to bring me youth, a healthy got I brought home from a healthy home–which as you know isn't what most of The Misfits are. So this was just a little gift for me that year. At the same time, Martyn had gone out and found me another little goat from one of his clients, a little Nigerian Dwarf whether. He was born on Martyn's birthday of that year. And that is how we came to have Little Moose and Goose.

They laugh alike, they talk alike, what a crazy pair!


sharon said...

That sweet smile would make anyone smile too! And who likes to drink alone?!

Anonymous said...

What a face. I am totally charmed. Your lavender pillow arrived and it smells amazing.....Spoonflower does such a good job of translating the work to fabric. xox

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Sharon, He is pretty adorable I have to say. Glad you liked the lavender pillow Corrine!

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