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Monday, May 19, 2014

The donkey and I rev up for Pino Pie Day

It is now officially time for us all to get excited for Pino Pie Day! I can't believe it is only a few weeks away!

This year will be special in so many ways. Firstly, we had a scare with Pino as some of you know, and are just very happy the little fellow doesn't have something worse than a sarcoid [not that sarcoids on the sheath are pleasant for him or caretaker, but we will accept it and move on].

Pino wants me to promise not to talk about his privates at Pie Day, so I must obey that request. But it is hard not to say "Pino's privates" really fast. Maybe the Puppet will have to do it for me. Which reminds me- I know you are all waiting, WAITING, for Pino's Porta Potty Movie! Stay tuned.

So for the next few weeks I will be revving up my, and your engines–and hope many of you that follow the blog from the area can come. We already know our pie helper is coming again, for her...forth time, fifth?- all the way from New York City to help me with the pie baking. I have some new ideas for the event that I hope will let people understand how far some of these Misfits have come since arriving here-this is after all not only a day to celebrate pie, animals and all things Apifera, it is a day to drum up support-as in money- to help us offset the maintenance and care for these Misfits-many elderly and not in the greatest shape who need supplemental feed and vet care.

How can you help Apifera and Pino with his big day?

~ Donate - it takes money and time to throw this each year, bake the pie, and still manage to make some money so we gladly accept anything you throw our way.

~ Share this link

~ I still need some volunteers as a couple of my loyal helpers have moved away [collective moan from barnyard]. So email me if you are interested.

We are no longer accepting apron donations. It has been super fun, but also very demanding and Pino has evolved his wardrobe. He prefers his polk-a-dot pants now, or going au naturelle. We will have aprons at this year's event, but please don't send any more as we are full up to our ear tops in them! If you've already made one, please do send it, I'd hate for anyone to feel badly!

Get all the info you need for Pino Pie Day here.

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