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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Samulle Noel: Emergency $800+ fund!

I hope for some support for this huge vet bill to help Samuelle. We are at $800 but that number will rise once we know what meds are needed. His daily care is $70 a day right now at the vet. I've set up an art sale, or you can donate here at the blog.

Update: Sadly, we had to let Samuelle go. In the end we determined cancer was killing him and eating away at his mouth. I was with him all through it and so miss him in the house, but so glad he is not suffering. The art sale stays up.

When it rains it pours.

Samuelle Noel needed emergency treatment yesterday and is still at the clinic, with the current lab bill at $800. That won't count the meds needed once we hear results. It's costing me $70 a day to keep him there at this stage, but he deserves it. He and I have been battling his conditions since 2009, and he deserves this. I'm very bonded with him by now-he is a super sweet guy and I always felt he was dumped by someone, but we just don't know.

Sammy last took a real dive in January with a chronic nasal infection which we treated aggressively with fluid drips and meds. He recovered a lot of weight back then, but his nasal or bronchial issues never fully recovered, but were good enough to keep him from more vet work.

This past week, everything went haywire. His right eye suddenly swelled up, worsening each day and obviously painful. I made an appointment for the next appointment with my regular cat vet. By then he had developed bad breath I assumed could be bad teeth but couldn't really see any. He also was acting weird when he did try to eat. I could tell he was uncomfortable.

At the vets, we were able to really get his mouth open wide and discovered the rot smell was because the roof of his mouth was raw to the bone in some areas. He had lost significant weight. The poor chap. Such pain it must be, no wonder he couldn't eat well.

The reason the lab bill is so high is we have been treating for bacterial but now are trying to see if it could be fungal too [hence the mouth sore] and also rule out cancer of any kind.

This is a lot of money to spend on a stray barn cat that wandered into Apifera some years ago - when we did his neutering the vet found a bone lodged in his mouth. We aren't sure if that is connected. At any point we won't know results until next week and in the meantime I need to make some money! These test have to be done. Sadly, in the end he might not make it, or might have something we can't treat, but the tests will help rule out something and help us target the treatments.

We've incurred a lot of vet bills in the past week with routine maintenance on the the elders for shots/vet visits, the farrier work for the old ponies, llama, Matilda. And now Samuelle. Then there is Pino's surgery next week-Pino is not technically a Misfit, and I would never ask people to donate to his surgery. But I can ask you to buy art at the art sale, buy books at gift levels, or buy books at the regular price.

How you can help:

1] Buy art at the sale
Full of inexpensive sketches and whim. I hope to add more to it - but for now there are some 60+ items there.

2] Make a donation of any size here at the blog.

3] It is also possible for you to call the vet directly and leave money in my account with a credit card specifically for Samuelle Noel. Email me if you like that option.

Thank you. In whatever way you can help-money wise or with emotional support. Life is full!


salmonpoetry said...

Best wishes for Samuelle Noel's healing (and to Pino as well).and gratitude for all you do to shepherdess these sweet creatures in health and sickness.

Unknown said...

Samuelle reminds me of my cat Loretta. I donated a little bit.

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