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Monday, May 26, 2014

Misfit Shanty Town brought to you by The Dirt Farmer

Let's get this guy a beer, or a case.

I had mentioned a few months ago to Martyn that it would be good to have yet another sun/rain shelter in the paddock off the orchard. Last year at Pino Pie Day it would have been helpful too, as I had to hang a sheet for shade for some of the goats.

Pino Pie Day always comes at us fast and furious. I am always rethinking and coming up with new ways to make it even better. For example, the last couple of years we had the newly added Museum of Misfits in my trailer, but this year I have decided to put the Museum off the Donkey Hug area, and also make a better, more visible Donation box.

Scheming, always scheming.

"It's starting to look like a Misfit Shanty Town," The Dirt Farmer said.

He's right. I can hear some old goat or donkey explaining it to another, somewhere in the far off distance,

"It's called Misfit Shanty Town, turn left on Tupper, 1 mile up, into Apifera, past the three gates. The more worn out you look the better chance you'll have of gaining admission."

We've had a lot of house projects this year too, so I wasn't sure I was being fair to suggest we get this new shelter finished by the June 15 event. But a girl can ask, and see what happens.

So this weekend we've been setting posts and getting as much infrastructure built for the new hut. If it gets too crazy to get finished, I can just hang sheets on it and we can finish it after Pie Day.

I have to say, a man that can build things his female half dreams up-and let her see them form over time into a real, three dimensional object-that is the sexiest man alive if you ask me. Add the overhauls and worn out hat and it's like falling in love on each glance.

And in the backdrop, some of The Misfits graze as The Great White guards against marauding trouble makers of any kind.

If you like what we do her helping Misfits, you can donate at a reward level or make a monthly gift to  help us keep helping more Misfits.

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pencilfox said...

oh, well. comes with the territory.
i'm loving your farm, more and more....

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