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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Heart beat of the book

The new book arrived on Monday-it was supposed to come Thursday, then Friday, and once I got over the disapointment it wouldn't be there for Pie Day, I relaxed, realizing it really didn't matter-it would land here when it did. Besides, the excitement of the new book and Pie Day might have made my head explode.

A book isn't complete, for me, until it is printed and out there. It is different than a painting-again, this is my sensation. A painting is me, it is something I do to explore a feeling; a book is a story I compile and shift and shape and want to share. If I just wanted it for me, it wouldn't need to be published.  I feel books have heartbeats, they feel like entities to me. Little creatures-they have a weight, a smell and a voice. A painting feels more like my insides on a canvas in 2D. A book unfolds like a movie. It has a beginning, and an end, not only as a book, but as a creative process. I know paintings that just keep changing and being painted over. There a lot of paintings I could bring back into my studio from whoever bought them years ago, and I'd paint over them, not because I don't like them, but because I did it then, and now it is now. I don't feel like that with books. They were thought out and then made -and although they evolve during the process, they just are more complete in the end, more solid. While my writing is personal, I feel like paintings make me more naked, and viewers have all sorts of ideas what it is "about"- they are usually wrong, but it doesn't matter, because long ago I learned, for myself, that the viewer gets his or her own relationship with the painting. It has nothing to do with me, and vice versa. I suppose that is one of the ways the two mediums are alike.

It is just beautiful, this book, if I may say so! I know my followers are going to love this story, and all the art and images. I love "Misfits", but this book is slightly more appealing [perhaps] to a wider audience. It will make you feel for your own magic dust, or wing nubs on your shoulders that we all have. I especially love the feel of the cover, as I used a different surface. Feels like butter. I agree with the freelance editor who I worked with on the manuscript [over 4 years ago, that is how long it has been in the making]- I think the commercial publishing world missed out on a gem. While I would love a wider audience for "Donkey Dream", I am simply happy it is birthed and out of my womb.

I spent a half hour looking through it with a cup of coffee yesterday and had an overwhelming sensation of self accomplishment. I shouldn't forget that. I am beginning the process of wrapping and shipping to Kickstarter patrons and will be shipping out books to everyone in the next couple weeks. And anyone who pre ordered too.

A friend said it should be a movie, and we fantasized who would play me and Martyn. I want Frances McDormand to play me and Jeff Bridges to play him. Or maybe Ed Harris. Or Billy Crudup. If we add chapters and end up old in the movie, then I vote for Sam Shepherd.

Oh good grief. Make me stop. You can purchase the book at the site. You can also purchase a copy of "Misfits" and a copy of "Donkey Dream" and have them sent in one pack for a 2 book price-you will see it in the Paypal drop down menu.


M.E. Masterson said...


Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Dear Friend... Rich Rewards of a very happy and successful Pie Day, now your beautiful jewel arrives at Apifera. Life is Good...savor the moment and allow it to fill you completely. Exquisite fuel for the soul!! Congratulations!!! Thinking of you always!!

stephanie dalton said...

Good for you Katherine! Good for you. Xo

Anonymous said...

congrats. Can't wait to get my copy! xoxo

pencilfox said...

cannot wait for my copy!!

[OK….OK….'guess i MUST wait….]


Anonymous said...

I love your choice of actors to play you all. I could see Frances McDormand and Ed Harris, both fabulous character actors. Can't wait to see the new book. Your explanation of your paintng process is so raw and makes so much sense to me and also how you describe to book making process too. I amlooking forward to experiencing a bit of growth on my wing nibs too...xox

Carole Reid said...

A movie....... YES!!!!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait for the books to arrive. Happy weekend to you and yours.

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