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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A tribute to our farm

I am always appreciative of people that take time to write and share in words what their time at Apifera meant to them. I speak about "living in the full circle" in the new book, Donkey Dream"how the guest comes to my manifested dream farm, the guest is wide eyed and open to every sensory level; they then share this awe through words and body language which itself reminds the host the wonder of her own home. The guest and host receive a circle of gifts.

Such was the case when Lisa Hofmann came, with her daughter Clara, to Pino Pie Day last week. As you know I had no photographer this year and chose to partake fully, versus trying to take pictures. So it was nice to see some photos. Lisa is an artist from Omaha and made the effort to coincide a business trip so she and Clara could come to Apifera. She wrote a wonderful post over at her blog, with many more photos, but I am sharing a few here. I just love the one of Stevie, make my heart swell and pump.

Lisa wrote a note, and I felt very proud and happy that Apifera has become a place people can come to, even briefly, and feel something, soak something inward, and maybe it percolates ideas and missions for their own life.

... it WAS truly magical and I cannot even begin to process how utterly transformational the experience was for me. Something clicked into place in my heart ... all the yearnings and dreams I had as a child flooded back in but with a sense that I too can translate those ideas into reality. Your work, your world, the Misfits all tangible evidence of what is possible: the deepest whisperings of the heart taking root and thriving. Thank you all for the very rich soul medicine.

And thank you, Lisa, for reminding me again I am living in the circle.


Anonymous said...

Oh such loving words...I truly think the misfits, the rescues, all the animals teach us much more than we teach them. Their vulnerability breaks us open in ways we need to be broken so we can mend with fuller hearts. xox

Lis said...

The lessons keep coming! A dear spiritual sister recently shared an insight gifted her via a wounded deer: how we humans use our wounds as excuses to hide or hold back from life. I was thinking about Stevie and the other Misfits who are so trusting in their love and not hiding behind vulnerabilities but integrating them. I am truly understanding myself and my life with fresh eyes and a more open heart. AND feeling emboldened to bake my first true pie!!! My girl is very happy :)
p.s. I am savoring "Donkey Dreams" It is beautiful Katherine. So very proud to be one of many who helped midwife it into the world. I have my holiday shopping settled! xo

Júlia Carvalho said...

Lovely animals, I really I want to go to your farm!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

True, Corrine. For me, when I'm alone with them I find it creates a safe, quiet place to be myself, all wounds, scars and blemishes, so I can get to the core of something over time.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Lisa- I used to really delve into animal cards- so that is interesting.

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