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Monday, June 09, 2014

Marcella's first guarding assignment

This Pino Pie Day will be Marcella's first. We will see what shall be.

My hope is she settles in to the routine of cars coming and going and doesn't bark the entire time. I don't think she will. She is not much of a barker. Now that she is 6 months, she is beginning to mature and when a stranger enters the barnyard with me, I make sure she is greeted without fanfare and then we go on our way. The idea being not to smother her in goo-goo-ga-ga talk as all of us often are prone to with pups or youngsters, so as not to let her overbond with humans.

I think what will happen is she will settle down by the gate that leads into where the donkeys will be, there is shade there and she likes to lie there, where she can observe through the fence. We will ask people to admire her from a distance but not pet her. I don't want to take any chances. She is after all - a guard dog.

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