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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Shade for old giants

Yesterday I spent mostly hanging fabrics in the Misfit and Donkey Hug area not only so our guests will have more shade this year if needed, but so that Stevie and the other rickety elders can have ample shade. It always reminds me of a caravan shanty town! Aldo took to Stevie right away. I've witnessed Aldo's innate concern for his charges before. Last week when I was trimming professor's toes-pygmy drama and squealing-Aldo came right up to me, which he usually doesn't do, checked it all out and decided I wasn't killing him, but sat down near by until I released the goat. So when I brought Stevie in for the first time, I found it so beautiful that Aldo came right over, and lay near him, as if he knew they were pretty much in the same boat-arthritic.

Stevie had one fall last night-or I should say, they are really incidences where he is laying or trying to lay down in some kind of position [Stevie usually is on his knees with his hips raised, and of course this gets uncomfortable]. By the end of the day it is reasonable that he is more tired. So he gets in a sort of lay down position, and then with a wrong move can lose balance and end up on his side. I did not sleep well, waiting for morning, but he was up and walking so I was relieved. I'm afraid this is the way it will be from now on out. I don't think he can be helped by a wheelchair but I am researching.


Anonymous said...

Nice shanty town. A wheelchair, well they do it for dogs, why not....would a goat submit? Ryder has so adapted with his missing front leg I think he would surely resist, plus he is a stubbon little cattle dog....xox

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Stevie has so many multiple join issues going on in front and back, and with the terrain here, not sure it would be a solution. But I might still research.

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