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Sunday, June 22, 2014

The loyal watcher

Aldo seems to keep his eye out for Stevie. I like to sit in the shade hut for a break in the day as it is a gathering spot for an odd mix of personalities–goats, chickens, the pigs and The Great White himself.

Aldo has not been sheared yet- this is my upcoming challenge. It is not that easy but I will try it on my own first and see how far I get. I am not in the mood for a cow kick, but the fellow needs to be sheared for comfort. It will happen.

Aldo does come in for shade frequently, although he seems unfazed by sun. When he arrives in the shade hut, he seems to always take a little sniff of Stevie, as he did today,

"How is it going? Looks good to me, I'll rest now," and he lays down nearby.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to have a guardian and friend for Stevie....good luck sheering. xox

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