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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pancakes escorted to a pig

Last Friday, when my friend was here from NYC to help me with Pino Pie Day, I took her to a special place, a little food cart in our nearby small town of Carlton. Henry's Diner is the sweetest little eatery around, with chef Joseph cooking up fresh local food while his customers sit outside at picnic tables. I never get to go out to breakfast [or lunch, rarely dinner] so going out that morning was a real treat. We put Boone in the trailer too since we were going to go run him with his buddies later. This was fun for my visiting city friend-hauling a horse around, eating from a food cart in a tiny 2 block town-not to mention we stopped at the local bakery with Boone in tow, and he whinnied at all the passersby.

So I opted for the pancakes. Now, I love pancakes. Grew up eating them every Sunday, unless it was waffles or French Toast. I am very picky about my pancakes and rarely eat them out. Besides being way too much carb and sugar, I am usually disappointed. But Josephs' pancakes were wonderful. I do prefer dollar size [listen to me!] but it didn't stop me from raving about them. These cakes were made of 4 kinds of flour–a recipe his grandfather Henry taught him, based on an old Aunt Jemima recipe. It has buckwheat, rye, whole wheat and one other flour. I love buckwheat, and the combo made it slightly less heavy.

So the pancakes were superb. I highly suggest you eat at Henry's. Of course, my small frame [barnyard laughs] could not handle eating all the pancakes. I told the chef they were delicious but I needed a bag to escort the remaining cakes back to Ernest, my pig. He took no offense to this. And he said he might put a hitching post in for me and Boone.

Back at the farm, Ernest politely sat while I fed him his pancakes. He was also pleased.


Cathy said...

Wish I'd gotten a shot of Marcella gobbling the rest of my burrito!

Anonymous said...

Ernest looks very glad you brought him some pancakes! xox

Terra said...

Sounds like you and Ernest found the pancakes to be delicious.

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