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Monday, July 21, 2014

And we will build a new barn

The other exciting news, if not heart burn making news due to the financial commitment-is we are taking the plunge and building a new barn!

We have been thinking of this for a couple of years, but I wanted to make sure it made sense both financially and for our overall farm needs. A series of things had to happen so that I could see this dream clearly, and know it is a wise thing, not just a fling of fancy.

This barn will hold life in it and cradle death at times. It will be a very symbolic structure for me-built by us after 10 years of our work here. It will be very guided by the Moon and other mysteries-it already is. For after a couple of years of being afraid to do it, I am listening to the voice that won't go away-

"Build it now."

When we brought on Marcella the pup, I separated out the most wobbly and crippled elder Misfits and put them in the paddocks by the barnyard. This allowed them to be safer from Marcella's puppy play. Martyn added another Shade shelter, and those three paddocks are well used - if you have been to Pino Pie Day you have seen them. The elder ponies also occupy one of those paddocks. But as summer has worn on, I realize how helpful it is to have this entire area near my studio as a place for my 'war vets' - the neediest of the Misfits. it allows me to keep my eye on them outside the stdio, and it keeps them safe from the younger Misfits. But these shelters won't be good enough to keep the elders in in the worst parts of winter. Last year when we had the big snows, I looked out and there was Old Mama Sugee standing with a foot of snow on her - the winds had blown so hard that all the shelters were snowy. I had to move every body up to the hay barn-it was like Noah's arc in there for weeks! Funny to have old geese and ducks, a grumpy pig, blind ponies and cripple goats all living in one barn...but there was no turnout and it got a bit...cramped.

And of course, wet rains and cold temps can really be bad for elders. So this barn will help a lot. It will also make my life a bit easier. Now when someone is being hospiced, or is in need of meds and look outs every couple of ours, it's right outside the studio. Both of our other barns are well used and filled up with purpose.

So, I want a new barn. I dream of the new barn, and it will happen. It is going to happen and it is for a good thing. many exciting and good things will come because of this barn. It will help me go forward with some out reach sessions I'd like to have too- as there will be more rain and shade protection.

We have begun the plan, sketches, cost quotes...it is exciting, although it is a big project and there will be turmoil as I will have to take current fence down and move animals around.We hope to start in late summer-before the wet rains make it difficult. We will have the poles planted and frame built and the roof, by a barn company. We will do all the leveling, build a rock wall foundation and put up wood walls to mimic and old barn, and build our own stalls. I'd love to have it all done by the company, as it would get done so fast-but Martyn is handy and wants to do it and it will save lots of money.

SoI set up another GoFund page so people can donate if they wish. I hesitated to do it, but I will gladly accept any help people want to give me. I think some people are getting tired of crowd sourcing requests. But I will gladly take any help I can get. I've been been doing my work with Misfits for 10+ years now, and sharing art and story too-so a penny in my pocket is a penny in my pocket. Anyone donating $50 or more will get a book.

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