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Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Annual Pig Hair Blow Out...starring Rosie

When I first adopted Rosie the grumpy pig years ago, [from our friends down at Sanctuary One] I was horrified to notice her hair falling out that summer. I excitedly emailed a pig friend [yes, I have pig friends], who explained this is a normal summer occurrence.

Nobody tells me anything.

Pigs 'blow' their hair out each summer, or at least some of them do. i am not a hair blowing out expert, but Rosie's starts falling out around July 1, and then she gets her sweet little mohawk as you see here.

"Look, Rosie has her mohawk!" The Head Troll announces, and everyone gathers and "oohs and ahs".

You think I'm making that up...but I'm not.

So I went out and sat with her today to enjoy her hair, or lack of hair. She obliged by getting up from her piggie nap, snorting around with me and trying to pose her head in a way I liked. Eventually, she just snorted and went back to her nap.

What a fine pig she is, grumpy or not. And I must remember to buy more sunscreen for her little bald head.