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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer percolations and The Great White

Yesterday I insisted with myself,

"You have to try."

So in the hot afternoon I took to the cooler studio and sat down to sketch. I have been wanting to do some things of Aldo and Marcella. I felt wobbly, but was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. I know many artists–including well known ones I've read of–who take breaks for various reasons, and wonder if they can still paint or draw. I felt this way of late. Summer is never my most prolific painting time, never was, never will be. This is one time I can say "never". I'm like any creature-I lay a bit lower in summer, closer to the earth. It's warm, sometimes hot-best to walk slower and head for shade, save up energy for the burst of autumn's cool. Summer is a great time for resting and pondering for me-I have a couple big projects I'm excitedly percolating with-which I will share if and when they are more concrete.

I really love to write, and photograph. I was wondering if my muses have simply shifted in the dance line. I am not afraid of it. I think I will always paint, but it will not be in the same outpouring of product as in my younger days-back when I numbered everything and had a long list of paintings each year. And I don't fear that my production schedule has decreased. Quantity doesn't matter. I need to make a living, but my living is made up of so many facets-word and art in books,story,animal care taking and writing about it, farming...and art.

I am very graced to have ended up this way, and still able to make a living. I'm lucky to have found a mate who loves his work too, and can also collaborate with me on the farm in my passion for the animal work I do. When I go for my morning walk with the dogs and we get to the top part of the hills 2 miles away, I always stop and breathe, and look–and sometimes I say,

"Keep it coming. Thank you."

It was nice having an image of Aldo that I felt captured him. I will do more sooner or later.

Today is another 95 degree day. Heading for shade.


Lis said...

I have been aware of my cycles ... I can say that different seasons inspire me to different work or medium and rather than struggle (trying to push a river!) I attempt to go with the flow and follow the energy. I love how you put it: "my muses have simply shifted in the dance line." YES! Rather than thinking of myself as scattered or unfocused, I am embracing "multi-passionate." All that you do inspires me, so I wonder if it has to do with the fair skin, freckles, Scots-Irish-German connection? ;)

Anonymous said...

It is amazing what the universe sends our way and I always feel just to be open. I like your Thank You at the pause in your walk with the dogs. Aldo looks regal. xox

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