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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The shepherdess sweats it out...stand back

The animals are so stoic in the heat. Not me. I lose my temper quickly if I'm out in it, lose my patience. It has always been this way for me, even as a child. My fair skin and red locks have centuries of temperament boiling just under my skin, so when the temperature gauge rises above even 85 I get a bit cranky. Today it was 97 in the shade.

But I did get up early for my morning 3 mile walk with the dogs and the air was beautiful and cool. I've been rising earlier and walking, getting my heart it's exercise as well as my dogs. I found I have to get up, not to one thing except get dressed and get out the door, no email or even breakfast-it is the only way I seem to get my walk in.

The vet came to look at Old Mama Sugee around noon and take blood work and it was still reasonable. But by the time I went out at three to refill water buckets, the temp had spiked. Doris the pig was in her mud pool, man, was that tempting.

And then I found that the water tank was dry. Grrrrr. So I hauled mid day water to Boone, the rams and was able to get water out of pipes for pigs and goats. But the thought of walking down to the river to turn the pump on...oh, it killed me just thinking about it. That would be like, 1/4 mile and then back.

I went in and took a nap instead, in front of the fan with my shirt off. Afternoon delight.

But the globe thistle sure like it. As usual, they are the Gods of the summer garden and I never tire of them. Mixed in with the Queen Ann Lace and the deep mustards of the fennels, a hint of red rose here and there, the garden is beautiful. I will attempt some photos this week, if I can leave the house.

It will be high 90's for the upcoming days, which means it will be 100 here. They always underestimate the valley temps, as I see it. But we have the river and I'll go swim with the trout, if they are around. And we have the trees to give us shade too. And I have Martyn to make me laugh through it. The man is a saint. He knows I do my best in the heat, but he really understands I am switched off, and my breakdown is switched on. I will do my best to just stay calm and collected.

The summer has so many bounties! Food, fruit, warmth, flowers, rides in a warm breeze...but it is right about now when I begin to hold onto the hope of autumn. Yep, that's right, autumn. And I know I share this sentiment with many. And as stoic animals are, it is hard on them too, this heat.

But as my mother used to say in such situations,

"It's only weather."