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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Apple Pie for Dreamers at your service

I was so pleased to get a message from someone who not only came to Pino Pie Day all the way from Omaha, but she also was a supporter of the Kickstarter project and had recently received her copy of Donkey Dream. She and her young daughter had been busy, making the Apple Pie For Dreamers. And they followed the directions to the note, so I'm sure the pie was as tender and caring as can be! This just made me smile in a visceral way. My work had been done.

It's the circle again-the moments when I do something, put it out there, someone else is inspired, they do something and share it back with me. It makes my life meaningful, full and responsive to my heart, but also gives me a connection to an outer community. It takes only a small thing-like sharing a pie recipe, or sharing a donkey hug, to inspire others and make them feel good.

Want to make an Apple Pie For Dreamers? The book is now available!