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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Old goat collaborations

Remember a few days ago when I put out a plea for the lovely elderly goat ladies from New Moon Farm Goat Rescue needing a home? Well, someone came through!
Her name is Katherine Dunn...um, oh, that would be me!

Quit laughing. I suppose some of you just rolled your eyes and thought, "How long is it going to take her to pull a Lucy Ricardo on the Dirt Farmer and get
those old goats in the barn?"...Ellen at New Moon is so happy, and that alone makes me happy. I feel like I'm really making a difference, and she and I both know how hard it is to place senior animals. And she has so many to care for, and more arrive all the time.

I was torn at first, as bringing new creatures on creates a dynamic shift. But with each of our shifts, new and wonderful things have come into our lives. Still, I decided this was not just my decision, I need to get the blessing of the head man...Guinnias. Why bother the house-head-man with this decision. Besides, in my Lucy Ricardo head, I figured the Dirt Farmer might not even notice the extra dwarf creatures lying about, especially since one looks a bit like Frankie.

"Guinnias, really, what do you think?"
"Will I still get animal crackers in the morning?"
"What about my daily back rub?"
"Of course, one a day at least."
"Where are these ladies going to sleep?"
"With you, Guinnias! What elderly gentleman at any care facility wouldn't welcome one, but two fine ladies into his boudoir?"
"Hmmmm....Are they wormed properly?"
"Yes, all wormed."
" Well...I guess it might be okay..."
"I know it will, Guinnias," I said as I started his daily back rub.
Just then, Frankie busted in.
"Hey, for the record, I'm not giving up one drop of food for these old girls." and she scurry-waddled back to the hay area.
"Heavens, " said Guinnias, "So self absorbed..."

Stay tuned....I will be posting soon about $10 and $30 Goat Sponsorships, giving a line item of what it costs to care for these little senior creatures. Sponsors will receive an Apifera gift, which I'll explain then.