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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Visitors for Pino

Last year we received a letter from a Kansas City artist Tracie Lyn Huskamp who wanted to meet Pino and me. She was teaching in the Portland Art and Soul retreat, and could she and her artist mother-in-law and another artist friend drive out to Apifera. It was so fun that they asked to come out again this year when they were once again in town for Art and Soul.
Tracie just came out with her first book, "Nature Inspired"[published by Quarry Books who are publishing my first book in 2010] which you can order now on her blog. She is just the most open hearted woman, as is her mother-in-law Mary Lin Huskamp who travels around with her and also teaches craft classes. Last year and this year, they came with Jan Harris, a Portland artist who took many pictures and promises to send me disk later on.

Anyway, they brought animal crackers, of course! And we spent a lot of time mingling with donkeys, greeting the old goat - who wasn't with us this time last year. Even Boone partook.

I like people that make me laugh, and laugh with me. I like people that are down to earth and not full of themselves. These three women are all those things. I find that the energy of this farm, Pino, and my art attracts real people, and sorts out the phonies.

While I didn't make them pie, I made them lavender shortbread's shaped like donkeys. But of course! They in turn brought me wonderful goodies, like a ceramic bunny that was a rattle [made by Jan Harris] which I'll put in the Small Rodent and Bird Cemetery. And lovely prints of Tracie's, and Mary Lin made a beautiful wool bag that is perfect for egg collecting. I seem to getting a good collection of egg collectors!

The donkeys made our day, as usual. Even though Paco was quite grumpy due to his worry and stress over the hunting opener.


Cathy said...

What a wonderful day! And you look so adorable in that hat.

purple bird art said...

Thanks so much for a wonderful day of laughter, animals, friends and art. I appreciate your kind comments and will have the disc of photos to you soon. Jan

Apifera Farm said...

Yes, Cathy, my beloved everday green hat made of tight knit cotton. I want one like it in brown-with tinges of olives in it, maybe the words "Pino, my love" on it or "donkey"- know anyone that knits? WInk.

Jan- I'm glad you got some donkey energy,as I know it will be needed in this upheaval time. But I know next year when you come we'll be talking about all the cool stuff that happened when that door was shut.

Sharon said...

I am so envious...! what a fun filled day...and the photos you posted are reallyt good.

turquoise cro said...

Wish I could have been there too! I have some chunky books Tracie is in with me! I LOVE her artwork! Wish I knew how to knit!

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