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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Guinnias speaks-Pino listens

Thank you for the good wishes, kind notes and raffle donations! We will be selecting a winner and announce it Monday.

"Pino, I'm going to sit here forever," the old goat said.

"Why would you want to do that, Guinnias?" Pino asked gently.

"I have been been though the most undignified week. They kept looking at my rear end, poking it, pushing it, and they...shaved me...down there...." Guinnias said
very embarrassed.

"They did that to clean your abscess, Guinny." Pino said.

"Well, I'm going to sit here until the hair grows back."

"Nonsense. It's dangerous to sit in one spot all night, and not good for your joints. I shall go get one of my aprons, and you can wear it backwards to cover your bald spot. I'll be right back."

Pino returned a short time later with a lovely apron.

"Stand up now and I'll help you adjust it properly," Pino said, as he helped the old goat up.

"Thank you, Pino," said Guinnias, and in a moment of uncharacteristic sentimentality, he buried his head into Pino, and cried.

"I've just been so concerned about the test. I thought I might be...banned from everyone...." Guinnias said as he clutched his friend..

"It's all over now, Guinnias. The vet spoke to me personally and the test was negative of anything contagious. You can just go back to being an old goat," Pino assured him.
"And this weekend you get to pick the raffle winner!"

"Oh yes!" said Guinnias. "I've been practicing shutting my eyes, and reaching into buckets."