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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Shepherdess has new optimistic hair stumps

I chopped about 4 inches off my hair. I felt I had to tell you, to keep it all honest here. It is part of my current expansion program-doing things that allow me to grow and expand, versus rest in certainty. I've had the same long hair for eleven years and always wear it my hair clumps, due to the course, wavy locks I was born with-they get matted easily in the barnyard in the Oregon mists. I often am worse off than old Mama Sugee or Boone.

My new little hair stumps are very wing like, in fact on my ride this morning I felt we floated at some point-collected of course! They are about the same size as Boone's ears now I guess. I plan to chop more off so the current hair stumps they will become mini hair stumps.

Someone called them antlers. I liked that. So here I am, my big ol' face shining back at you. Fifty seven and expanding into new things, new ideas, new plans. Would not opt to be 30, or 40 or 50 again. Will like 58 too. I like life, even in the sad times. I like wisdom, which has been accumulating since birth-although in my younger years wisdom wasn't a priority that much, as I recall.

I realize now I relate more to people who are expanding, who are demonstrating their opinions-by action-not shouting them from a pedestal. I like do-ers, not say-ers. I like optimists that inspire hope, not hysteria or depressing images that cause alarm and rabid chatter online. I despise cynicism-its a cover for anger and fear.

I like my hair stumps too. I think they are symbols of optimism, and hope in some way.


Gus Pennepacker said...

All my favorite people have antlers, or horns. Or ears like antennae that listen for the sound of a heart expanding.

Sharon Stanley said...

i think it is hi-larious you call them stumps! they can also be PIG TAILS in honor of rosie & co! whatever you call them, they are fun and cute and optimistic. i like that.

Suzanna said...

Bravo! I have been thinking of chopping off my braids, but they require so little attention. No curls here! Anyway, definitely here's to optimism and trying new things! It looks really good.

Elizabeth said...

Do-ers not say-ers, I love that thought. So simple and right.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

thanks for stopping by! My antlers and I are doing well!

Anonymous said...

Cute pig tails....It is a time to just be who we want to be as I expand into 59...xox

pencilfox said...

and you look so much more light-hearted,
with these little braids.

age is only a number.
i believe we are the same "number" right now.
and looking at YOU, i'm inspired to remember that i am YOUNG.


Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

That's right Corrine- I am finding that 57 has sort of opened me up to more self-acceptance, versus fighting the weight gain, droops etc. We are US! Hey Mis Fox,age is a number and it is what we make it, with all that comes with it, I guesss!

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