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Monday, April 06, 2015

We celebrate the birth of the World's Grumpiest Pig! Rosie!

Today's is Rosie the pig's 7th birthday. She grows grumpier each year and we like her that way. You can read all about how I took Martyn fishing one time and came home with a grumpy pig. She came complete with a crippled goat who we all know and love as Stevie- yes, the one who gives kisses.

Pig language is intricate. It took me much longer to learn than goat, donkey or horse. While Earnest is polite, and Eleanor never stops talking, Rosie...well Rosie starts out a grumpolopapous and gets more so.

Her alter ego the Grumpy Pig Puppet is here to honor Rosie and all her Rosiness.

Happy Birthday dear Rosie! Today I woke her up from her morning nap and gave her eggs, which she liked, but then let me know she was disturbed at being awake.