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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The monthly animal update

I thought I'd begin giving a monthly update of the Misfits and any other working animals that have news to share. I won't mention everybody in monthly posts, we'd be here all week, but feel free to ask about anybody if you'd like. If you like the work I do here with the animals, or my art and story, please consider a subscription. Scroll down to see lots of photos.

Sir Tripod Goat is settling in well. He is still a bit of a Here she comes I must flee or be caught kind of fellow, but he is doing fine. When he first arrived with Ezra, he would go off and be in the duck hut during much of the day, then eventually came out more and more. Now when I arrive in the morning, he's sleeping with everybody else in the lower Misfits Village-Stevie, Rudy, Professor Otis Littleberry and Raggedy Man, and usually Uno the rooster who has a rogue spirit. Sir Tripod Goat can not use his hind back leg, and is basically a Tripod. While he isn't that old, he will definitely have more issues as he ages due to this deformity.

Old Mama Sugee
, the elderly near-40-blind-earless wonder has put on wonderful amounts of weight. I did a post on this not long ago. I took her winter coat off to brush her and was so pleased to see her hips had filled in pretty well. So happy for her. We've had not seen an incident of seizure since they were happening last summer. Mama and her ancient daughter Wilma are living up by Boone this winter, with the rams, and the new girl llama [name announcement soon!] and she is brought in every morning to eat in a private suite to ensure she gets her senior formula, and Wilma doesn't get it -Wilma is chubby and has founder issues, so we have to watch her.

Victor and Sophie, the genetically crippled fiber goats that were born with conditions that make their hips and pelvic areas not operate properly, making Vincent pretty crippled, and Sophie somewhat so, are doing well. My biggest challenge is getting them sheared in coming couple of months. Victor was rescued by New Moon Farm, along with Sophie, and their matted coats were so bad that Victor had raw skin. I noticed a patch of Victor's matted hair had torn off leaving a small raw spot so i spent time trying to get the pee-matted wool off his belly. It is a challenge. Another reason I don't usually take in anything with wool or heavy fiber [our sheep are hair sheep, no shearing].

Wilbur the Acrobatic Goat
, as some of you recently read, was the victim of a barnyard bobcat strike, most likely a young bobcat that didn't have his hunting skills down quite yet. We know that Benedetto and Marcella helped ward him off, and fortunately Wilbur suffered lacerations on both sides of his neck, but no other wounds were found. I doubt that bobcat will be back soon, but to be sure, all Misfits in the upper barnyard are locked in barn with Benedetto now, and Marcella is on patrol.

Scooby Keith has had a bout of respiratory issue, on and off this winter, which I treat with Penicillin. He seems to come through every time, and it at this point seems to be seasonal, so it might be allergy related. Scooby wintered in the goat barn, in the hay room near Hazel the remaining barn cat, and where Boone's stall looks into. During the day, he goes out with Boone and he suns and naps. Horses tend to like goats and Boone gets along with everyone. Scooby still is sporting his winter fleece, which came with the many old dog coats people sent for the Misfits.

The Head Troll is very busy, of course with normal barnyard procedures, but now with Misfit Summer Stock. Even though she is as powerful as ever, she is aging, and also sleeps in the same area with Scooby. I've noticed she naps more, and now rests on her knees to eat. We don't discuss the aging of The Head Troll around here, because we think she might live for ever.

Stevie is doing really well after our scare last June, where he was falling a lot. He has kept his weight on so well, and after years of working on his horrible feet, the 'hook' is finally gone. Took a lot of work to get there! He continues to be the farm's best kisser and is looking forward to this year's Pino Pie Day to give some out.

Rosie, the world's grumpiest pig, spent the winter her a semi private suite in Old barn, with a rogue gang of hens and Papa Roo, and passing donkeys. She had an eye infection and it caused her to be somewhat blind, so she preferred the solitude there. In the next weeks, Rosie will try leaving the upper barnyard where she lived, to move down to the Lower Misfit Village, where Stevie, her old friend lives. I am hoping she will like the duck hut, and she will have more green grass. we think she will prefer it to being with the White Dogs, and Earnest and Eleanor.

Stella and Iris are living now in retirement in the barnyard, after leaving the Donkey pastures for good. Stella is becoming week in her hind end, making it sometimes impossible to rise on her own. Iris might live forever, we are not sure. They sleep with Victor and Sophie, and sometimes the ducks.

Priscilla and The Bottomtums
have finally, out of the blue, started going down to the lower fields to eat slugs, which is a good thing since they are bad for sheep in the spring. They followed the piglets there one day and now forage their each day. They also like the pig pen since there is lots of mud. Priscilla is 25+ years old, and about twice a year, she has laid an egg for us-which I have to find before Earnest does, or Marcella.

Old Rudy is very, very arthritic. But he is such a trooper. He still likes to venture down to the lower field when it is available to him and graze. It takes him a very long time to return, but he retains a wonderful attitude and is very loving. He is thin but eats well.

Raggedy Man and Professor Otis Littleberry are puffballs and live in the Lower Misfit Village. They are masters at grabbing food from anyone, but are the funniest little chaps that it is hard to be cross with them. Raggedy still looks like a Muppet.

Goose and Little Moose spend their days happily, always. Moose prides himself on being the littlest Misfit, and likes to mount Goose to tell him he may be short but he is a big boy.

Old Mother Matilda and her donkey gang are all just fine. Matilda held her weight well with senior feed and a nice winter coat tht she willingly put on. Paco still writes her poetry and thinks she's his mother-we don't try to dissuade him. Pino is doing his very first venture into Portland with his April 9th Pino's Book Mobile of Love where he will help me sell books, and share his heart, along with Lucia.

Aldo the Elder has adjust to his new llama co-worker, a beautiful, young black male who still has not presented his name. Meanwhile, a young white female llama is currently living with the rams, near Boone and she and I are fast becoming more than friends. Stay tuned.